Dark Eel: Hi I am the owner of this blog, and I go on poptropica Every day!

Zany Gamer: Zany Gamer is a girl that lives in the USA. She loves to read, write, doodling, and do things like a typical kid in the United States. She works in 13 different blogs (1 inactive, 2 semi-dormant, 10 active blogs). She has her own blog at zanygamer.wordpress.com. In additon, she is known as Tii when she comments in blogs and in Poptropica Help Forums too.

Happy Scorpion: Hi! My name is Happy Scorpion. I live in the U.S.A. Im 10 years old. Im either playing poptropica or on this blog at all times pretty much! I like to keep things up to date on this blog. If there is any suggestions you have e-mail me at Daylan98@aol.com. Enjoy the blog!

If you would like to join, post your email and job. You must have a WordPress acount.


18 Responses to “About”

  1. zanygamer Says:

    Ummm….I don’t feel very comfortable sharing my email. Besides, when you edit comments, you can see their email. I want to be editor.

    Dark Eel: What do you mean?

    1. Dark Eel Says:

      Tht’s ok. I added you. If you want to anything else, (I put you as a admin) just say.

      1. Tii/Zany Gamer Says:


  2. daylan49 Says:

    Hi again! I forgot to say that i would like to know what jobs are avalible! Please please e-mail me! Your blog rocks man!!!

    1. Dark Eel Says:

      Do you have a wordpress acount? If you do, I’ll make you a admin.

  3. Hello! E-mail me! I really would like to join!
    Please e-mail me back at Daylan98@aol.com with the list of jobs available!

  4. daylan49 Says:

    i love this website you are my rolemodel

    1. zanygamer Says:

      …..Off topic: You made this comment on my birthday.

      Makes me think back to the days when Dark Eel asked me if he could join my blog…..

  5. hey you guys im bored anyone online if so lets talk

  6. Hey you guys have any of you beaten every island i have it really isnt as hard as it looks

      1. Can you please stop making me look bad!?

      2. Icy Says:

        I’m just trying to show you. No need to be rude. 😕

  7. oh then i am sorry icy

    1. zanygamer Says:


      Well, it is off topic.

  8. Off Topic: Nice new name Aqua Eel! By the way For some reason it seems I’m not wanted in this blog. Well bye!

    1. zanygamer Says:

      Wanted? What do you mean by wanted?

    2. ShadowGamer Says:

      Have You Gone Mad!!!!!

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