This Blog is being shut down.

I am making a new blog- check out the newest post on ZanyGamers blog.

So um Bye.\

Note I am making a new Blog, its all about Games and Stuff,

Reveiws, Tutorials and Poptropica.

Look out for me on Poptropica . My names Brave Eel. I am always on Mythology Island.


Hello! I am a alien! No, I am not a alien.

I am giving away one of my acounts in a comp.

The comp is, can you find my secret site????????????

-Aqua Eel


The first POPTROPICA related update is here! There is a boys only ad for Bionicles. Yes, this is where that strange mask came from. I’ll have some pictures soon. Anyway, this is what the Bionicles says inside:  

My Tribe Needs The Water From that Cave, But it’s Gaurded by Bone Hunter’s!

You need to get the Glatorian water from inside the cave at the very bottom left.  You get a Spikeball gun, and a Costume with the mask.  The Spikeball gun has 3 different Spikeballs.  All the rewards are LIMETED TIME ONLY. So maybe you should get them then log in about a month later.

Dark Eel out! (Finally….)

Look! I spent a fine 10 minutes with Bendy Dragon:

I had a fine time.
I had a fine time.

And heres my pokemon avatar:

Awesome trainer

Dark Eel out!

And Zany Gamer in. Here’s my Pokemon pic:


Zany Gamer out!


Speedy Crown in! I made  a little outka charactar from the web site Tii posted on Cheerful Goose’s blog!



Speedy Crown out!

And Dark Eel in, Zany Gamer, Speedy Crown,  Maybe a chat page on the blog would be a good idea?

It’s the code used for the staff page on Grumpy Ninja’s blog.

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