This is the new Monsters Inc. Ad on Poptropica. (Sorry for the bad quality)  When you win all you get is a item to take you to a room with the movie preview. Its not the greatest prize I know. Anyway im just updating!

Happy Scorpion Out!

UPDATE! (Thanks Music Windup Doll) There is a new prize on this ad! Here it is!



Daylan49 In   Here’s the link to a picture of my poptropican.


Please send me an e-mail with the staff password!

Dark Eel: You must be on the blog for a week to get it.

Happy Scorpion: Oh ok. Thanks.

Happy Scorpion: Has it been a week yet?

Daylan49 In:There is a new ad on poptropica. You must find all of scrat’s acorns and bring them to Scratte. You should play it.

When you win you get a jacket and a pickaxe. I know it isnt the greatest prize but still. It’s a pretty easy quest. Its not really a quest. It’s kind of like a mini game. Here it is!

Happy Scorpion Out P.S Happy Scorpion is my poptropican guy’s name!

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