Daylan49 In   Here’s the link to a picture of my poptropican.


Please send me an e-mail with the staff password!

Dark Eel: You must be on the blog for a week to get it.

Happy Scorpion: Oh ok. Thanks.

Happy Scorpion: Has it been a week yet?

Daylan49 In:There is a new ad on poptropica. You must find all of scrat’s acorns and bring them to Scratte. You should play it.

When you win you get a jacket and a pickaxe. I know it isnt the greatest prize but still. It’s a pretty easy quest. Its not really a quest. It’s kind of like a mini game. Here it is!

Happy Scorpion Out P.S Happy Scorpion is my poptropican guy’s name!

This blog rocks! Check it out!

The first POPTROPICA related update is here! There is a boys only ad for Bionicles. Yes, this is where that strange mask came from. I’ll have some pictures soon. Anyway, this is what the Bionicles says inside:  

My Tribe Needs The Water From that Cave, But it’s Gaurded by Bone Hunter’s!

You need to get the Glatorian water from inside the cave at the very bottom left.  You get a Spikeball gun, and a Costume with the mask.  The Spikeball gun has 3 different Spikeballs.  All the rewards are LIMETED TIME ONLY. So maybe you should get them then log in about a month later.

Dark Eel out! (Finally….)

Hi everyone! When I’m bored, I like to jump on grey clouds.


I was wondering what Poptropica Candy would look like, so I drew this:


You can see a version of Poptropica Chocolate at my sister’s blog at

Zany Gamer